Yeah, I did it. You should, too!

I actually did this a while ago, and I can't figure out what number I am, but I took the pledge.

This is something I feel very strongly about. I hate those big box chain stores, and several months ago I started boycotting Wal-Mart. I am surprised that they didn't notice, because I was a serious Wal-Mart shopper, too. Daily. Then, one day I read all this stuff about Wal-Mart, things that I cannot handle and definitely bad enough for me not to shop there, even though it is inconvenient and sometimes more expensive to go elsewhere. I felt sick about ever going there. Someday I will post why I hate Wal-Mart. (Maybe later today....I might make it a triple-post day!!)

I am a huge supporter of the local community. I prefer to be able to talk to and buy my food from the person who grew it, know that it is fresh and not covered in harmful chemicals.... seriously, I should have never started this topic.

But back to the topic at hand, buying handmade...

Handmade is better for many of the same reasons I have listed above. Not only to NOT support crappy stores, but TO support individual small businesses. Handmade is almost always well-made. It is one of a kind. The artist's heart and soul is in that item and you let that item start its legacy by purchasing it. Passing on to the next person as a gift just makes the items energy and legacy move on further. When you buy handmade you have an intimate connection with the person whom you are purchasing and visa versa.


Take the pledge at http://buyhandmade.org

Then remember me for your jewelry and bath & body needs! LOL



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