New Scrubs....

Hi Everyone!

This time of year gets extremely hectic for me. Well, it does for everyone, really. I have been running around like a crazy women trying get my "To Do" List checked off, preparing for Thanksgiving and a craft show and trying to get everything whipped into shape. (Plus dishes, laundry, homework, a full-time job.....) I am trying to just think about one thing at a time!

Last night I made these awesome scrubs. They smell just heavenly, I just want to eat 'em up.

I made Chocolate (TO DIE FOR), Apple Cinnamon, Lemongrass and Peppermint. They are all unbelievable!

They are slowly making their way into my shop! Beware, though, I have a feeling they will go fast. I sold 3 before I even had them listed. LOL

I am also getting ready for the B.B. Bellezza Holiday Sale. It will be good. I will probably give away the secret tomorrow sometime, but if not, go to my shop on Thanksgiving (11/22/07) because it starts then and runs through Wednesday (11/21/07)

Those of you hording coupons from me, now is the time to use them! I will let you use them on top of the sale! Woo Hoo! I am feeling festive!

Take care until Thursday!

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