PA Grand Canyon

Hi Everyone!

As promised, I want to share my vacation photos. I realized just now that I have over 300 photos to share, so, I am going to be breaking them up into several posts. Well, and leaving a lot of the photos out. lol

Warning, there are lots of photos in this post!!

DAY ONE: Sunday
We travelled to my parents' river lot, a/k/a "The Jungle." Since it was the weekend, the whole family was there. We had a big picnic and hung around the river lot and did river-things and played games. Everyone went home then and we had the whole place to ourselves.
For whatever reason, I did not take any photos of the river lot, which is a shame because the setup is just lovely. My parents, especially my dad, put a lot of work into it and it is really cool!

DAY TWO: Monday
We travelled to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. We found a driving tour and took that. It was 34 miles and took us most of the day! There were all kinds of cautions to watch for logging trucks and to let them get through. That was sort of sad to me, but we only saw one the entire time.

We also packed a lunch and hiked about a mile to picnic with a fantastic view of the Grand Canyon. That's where we will start:

Our picnic view of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon:

Isn't it gorgeous?

Down below, you can kind of see the rail trail. It was an old railroad and now it is a hiking trail. We didn't do the hike, it is, well...I can't find the exact mileage, but I think that it is over 50 miles....but don't quote me on that!!
As we were having our picnic, we could actually hear people talking way down on that trail! It is crazy how sound travels!

Along the driving tour, there were several "vistas" to stop and take photos at. These photos are from one of them.

While continuing along our trip, we can across this waterfall. These photos aren't the best...it was really lovely!

Just a little bit further, this little creek appeared:

Jim walking across the creek on the stepping stones.

Next is the Bradley Wales Road to a picnic and lookout. We stopped to use the very scary restroom....or so I am told, I didn't go in!! But the picnic area was pretty cool, so we took some time to goof around and take some photos!


Rocks we drove by

Look how bare the trees are. Logging effects perhaps?

In motion:

Trivia about ferns: Next you see ferns take notice that they are by themselves and rarely do other plants grow within them. This is because ferns are poisonous to other plants.
In motion, but I sort of still liked this picture.

We eventually made our way to the bottom of the canyon. Here is the river that runs through it.

See how low and dry the river is! This was once a logging river.

It is difficult to see, but beyond that pavilion is the river...it is mainly mud and not water.

Here are some shots of a dam.

Flower growing in the rocks.

Once we got to the bottom of the canyon, we decided to continue back to Wellsboro again to check out the adorable little town. These are some photos from the trip back.
I thought this bridge was very cool.

This was approaching the bridge.

There were logs on top of another bridge.

I know, we have plenty of corn fields in Lancaster, but I still thought the corn looked cool.

As it ends up, we took forever to drive back to Wellsboro....we were actually about 2 miles from my parents' river lot when we ended the tour and didn't realize it. haha. But Wellsboro was so cute I am glad we went back.

Look how adorable this quaint little town is. Everything was closed when we finally got there around 7:00 p.m., but it was still totally cute.

See the lamp posts? Every town should have them!

We ate at this diner! It is historical. It's right in the town, too, isn't that weird? Anyway, the special is hot roast beef sandwich. I had the chicken parm. with spaghetti, which was awesome!
The cook cooked right in front of you, the kitchen was right in front of the counter.

Here is some information regarding William A. Stone:
(Also notice the cute trolley in the background!)

And here is his statue:

Tioga County Courthouse. This is just part of it. The picture of the other part didn't really turn out well because of the sun.

These kids are in a wooden shoe!

The park with all the statues:

Finally, we stopped by this Lake on the way back to the river lot.

Once we returned to the river lot, we had a great campfire and made s'mores before going to bed. We stayed in my brother and sister-in-law's camper because my parents took theirs to take my grandfather to his annual Navy Reunion. So, thanks to Sabrina and Kevin!! It was fun to camp, but I was still very happy to get home.....but more later!
I will continue the photo journal with more of the trip tomorrow.

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