Crap, it's only Wednesday!

Hi Gang!

I am just putting along here in B.B.Bellezzaland and I have 4 more charm bracelets to post that I made throughout last week, into the weekend and the beginning of this week. Pictures will follow, it is so dark today and my camera is even worse in "un-natural" light. I am so thrilled with them, too!

I also have another fall bracelet and a fall necklace as well!

I haven't been sleeping well, so I am really really tired this week. I also have a lot going on with health issues of my mom so I am worried about that, too. So, right now I am having a difficult time prioritizing what I should actually be doing, so I am just making charm bracelets, which are my favorites to make.

One of the bracelets fits me perfectly and is exactly my style, so I am really trying to decide whether I need to just keep it. It's advertising, right? I don't know, though....

Okay, remember that I have a sale going on, read about it here.

Alrighty, I am off to try to do something productive....or just go to bed....one or the other.

Thanks for listening to me rattle on about nothing.

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