Hi Everyone!! Thanks to those folks who have commented....anyone else who wants to comment....I am extending the contest until I get back from vacation August 5, 2007. I will likely not have computer access from 7/29/07 - 8/5/07, so I figured it was only fair. So, keep commenting....make sure I have a way to get back in touch with you (some of you are customers I know how to get a hold of...no worries, if you win I will find you!)

On Sunday, August 5, 2007, I will put everybody's name in a hat and pick out a winner!

So, for those who need to know, want to know or are just plain nosy (lol....don't worry, I usually am in that category!), here is my schedule:

Saturday: Yard Sale and Used Book Liquidation Sale (I am also liquidating some old jewelry inventory, too. Super cheap, too! If you are in Lancaster, contact me for directions!)

Sunday: Pack up car and leave for Northern PA-parents' River Lot, affectionately know as "The Jungle"

Monday - Saturday: Swim in Susquehanna River, Read Harry Potter 6 so I can move on to final book, make s'mores and mountain pies, see the PA Grand Canyon, go on boat rides and just plain RELAX

Sunday: Come home and pick a winner for blog contest! :)

I will also be figuring out my goals for August and decide on promotions, etc while I am gone, so they will be posted. Also, "new" used book auctions will happen upon my return and my half.com shop will reopen!! I also have some jewelry inventory just waiting to be listed....it will be upon my return. :)

Please remember, you can make purchases while I am away, but they won't be processed until my return. If you have questions or email me, they will also all be processed upon my return as well.

Okay, so don't miss me too much! I am going to try to remember my camera (I am famous for forgetting it) and show you lots of pictures when I get back.


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Felicia said...

Hope you enjoy your vacation :)