Don't quit your day job....

Once again, I am blogging from work. I should be working on date of death values of accounts or Inheritance Tax Returns or something equally as unstimulating at 2:46 in the afternoon. I just don't have it in me this afternoon. I should, seeing as I have the next 2 days off (and yes, I am working Friday because it is payday!) But, I am unmotivated.

I have also been staying up way too late for the time I have to get up in the morning, so that is adding to the sleepiness/un motivation/sluggish/slump.

I am excited (I am not sure if that is really the word for it) to get to organizing and going through my house because I got this brilliant idea to have a yard sale on Saturday. Last night I went through my stagnant books. I have tons of them. They will be dirt cheap.

I also am going to try to sell off some of my old handmade jewelry inventory that has been sitting around too long...and perhaps some of my current inventory....what the heck! I might as well put it out, too!

I put up some new jewelry in my Etsy shop last night.

I also put up an auction for an amazing bracelet. I love this bracelet. It almost breaks my heart to part with it.

Okay, I think that cheered me up a little. Enough to get me through a little bit longer and survive to the end of the day! (or perhaps I will just get back to planning my vacation!)
Also, within the next couple of days I will be announcing a new promotion by B.B. Bellezza. So keep your eyes open, as it is sure to be fabulous.

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