Hunter S. Thompson, the Cat

Hunter S. Thompson, the cat.

Isn't he gorgeous? This picture so doesn't show his gorgeousness.
At the risk of sounding like one of those "cat ladies," I wanted to share my thoughts of my cat.

I am completely smitten with our cat. He has this sweet way about him. And playful. He thinks he is a human sometimes. He's so smart and strong.....I know.....everyone feels this way.

We have had Hunter since September 2006. My friend found him hanging out on her porch. She was so worried because he kept going to sit in the middle of the road, so she ended putting him in her garage to keep him save that first night. Then, she went searching for the owner. When she found them, they didn't want this gorgeous cat, and in fact, tried to get her to take 2 other cats they had.

We had just had this traumatic loss of our sweet kitten Domino. We were actually just starting to talk about adopting a cat. Then, Hunter came into our life.
He was already fixed and had his front claws declawed.

It was love at first sight for me. After Jim realized this cat is really just like him (you know, really laid back most of the time, but fun and playful, understanding and caring), and that this cat is so cool, Jim (my boyfriend) fell for him, too.

Now, he is part of our family. He is completely spoiled, too. He cries sometimes because he wants picked up. I think that's funny. Jim doesn't.

He is in his favorite spot....by the sliding glass door. He's either there or in the window. He loves watching the wildlife - talking to the birds, watching the neighbor's cat walk by, meowing at the neighbor kid who comes to the screen to talk to him.

Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking? Sometimes I wish he could tell me. For the most part, though, I am pretty sure that I really don't want to know! (LOL!!)

Anyway, that's my cat! Please, feel free to share your favorite pet stories!

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