Checkin' In

Just wanted to check in. I have been preoccupied with thunderstorms and getting my fanancial aid application completed 2 days ahead of the deadline! I guess I could have waited until tomorrow to make it really exciting. I am glad I didn't, though.

My eBay shop has been updated with some misc. items and used books, as well as some new bath and body stuff. I really hope to get a bunch o' jewelry listed this weekend, as well as lots of books.

I have been trying to get through my collection of used books to clear out some room. I have been on a marathon with it lately, and I have really been getting somewhere! So you probably want to keep your eyes on my
shop in the upcoming weeks to snatch up some great deals!

Oh yeah, there are some Winnie the Pooh stamps for auction right now, too! They are super cute, but I just never do stamping.

Of course, there are used books up for auction, too.

The Lovely Lavender Sale ends on Saturday, so get your 15% off while you can!!


Take care! Have Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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