It has been a couple of days. I have been busy with schoolwork. Anyway, this blog is coming to you from work. Ahh...the life of a paralegal.

Anyway, as you may or may not know, I am an Estate paralegal as my full-time job. We have this one case where the poor deceased has no next of kin, and one of the partners of the firm is actually the executor of the estate. I shouldn't say "poor" deceased. He was an evil despicable man. If you know me well you know that I do not use harsh words for people, so if I am saying it, it is true. What he has done in his life is unforgivable. I guess I should rest easier knowing that he is now suffering in hell. (Sorry for the uncharacteristic harshness....)

At any rate, my supervising attorney has taken it upon herself to clean out the house. This is the most disgusting house you have ever seen. You need a serious hair washing-shower-long tub soak after being in this house - perfect opportunity to B.B. Bellezza's products to work (http://bbbellezza.etsy.com). I can't even possibly explain it, nor do I want to put all you lovelies through the details of his nasty house.

So, the main part of the story and the reason for my post:

As my boss brings back boxes of paperwork, I go through them looking for important paperwork (ie life insurance policies, stock, bank accounts, etc.) (This is because I refuse to ever go to the house again!) Today I came across a set of letters written to our decedent's mother from a gentlemen in 1926-1929. They completely took over my whole morning. It was like a romance novel, but a romance novel that I can never finish and only know half the story to. I want...no need to know the rest of the story! Maybe my boss will find more letters. I do know that she never married. There is also the mystery of our decedent's "unknown" father and the scandal of his birth. Although rumors and speculations are abound in our office and I have my own theory, I still am dying to know WHO who who was this strange man's father. And what happened to "Ben" from the letters.

Maybe I will write a book about it, so I can find out the ending of the story. Otherwise, I will just be hanging on the edge of my seat forever! It would make a cool story so far. And the gorgeous photos. Oh, and THE BEST, the mysterious love letter man is a photographer. How romantic is this story. I love it. Don't steal it from me because I will write this book. Although, I will not finish it in the way our decedent's mother spent the end of her life. Horrific!

Okay, considering I should be working, not blogging, I guess I will return to working. Next on my list - finding a dumpster.....yes, the glamorous life of a paralegal.

SHOP UPDATE: The BOGO jewelry sale is still on! Buy One, Get One Free of equal or lesser value. Just make your purchases and I will send you a new invoice. Easy.

I am going to try to get ahead on schoolwork this week (we'll see how that works) so I have time to make some great new stuff this weekend. If you have any special requests, just let me know.

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