Etsy Shop Update

I have loaded up my store with my current bath and body inventory. As I make more stuff, I will list it.
Still to come in the store (possibly yet this weekend):
  • Eye Pillows
  • Heating/Cooling Pads
  • Jewelry

So go buy up the stuff! And remember Jewelry is Buy-One-Get-One-Free!

I would also like to take a moment to let you know my past experience with my products. I know that it seems like I am sort of new on Etsy. I used to sell my products on eBay. I did relatively well - well enough that it was kind of perfect for my life. I had a following there and my feedback was perfect. After Christmas this year, I needed a break. I decided to completely close my eBay store so I didn't have to pay the fee while I was on break, and I wasn't sure really how long I would be taking my break. It turned out to be about a month.

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to go smaller scale so I could focus on other things, and I decided to sell only on Etsy. I like the whole vibe there better, even if not as many people shop there. I kind of wanted to slow down.

And here I am now.


I have been having a really good day - I haven't had to get out of my pj's, I have been really productive. Then, I get a conversation on Etsy. I was excited! Yay! Listing stuff all day is paying off. Not so much.....

Now, I am not going to go on about the convo - It hurt my feelings and I deleted it without response, but I want to explain a few things.

1. I am perfectly aware that my photos can be blurry at times. I hate that, but I have to work with what equipment I have for the moment. I have come up with a solution for this problem, I think...but I am not changing the photos at the moment. (I am considering some container changes, so I will probably implement my solution at that time.)

2. My top priority is to create really great products (not photos.)

3. I am putting my work and my heart out for everyone to see in my shop, and to read here. Keep that in mind if you decide to give me unsolicitated citicism.

I talked to my best friend, came up with a plan, and now I feel better.

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