Happiness is....paper goods

This weekend has been fun! My friend Cheryl came to visit and we went scooting about Lancaster county shopping and having a fun time. I got some really pretty dainty "thank you" cards at the paper goods store that I love. I also get this big huge thick memo pad with really cute flowers on it. I really thought that I would use it to jot down notes, but it is pretty enough, and big enough, for stationary. Both of these were on sale! And then I got a bunch of new beads! YAY!

Today I split the day between doing a criminal law project, writing a creative nonfiction piece for creative writing class, stressing about the weather....again, and placing orders for some new containers, packaging, etc. for my store. I am excited!

However, I am pushing back the store re-opening until March 11. Some items might appear before then. My eBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/B-B-Bellezza Bookmark it and come back later and check it out!

Other than that, I am excited to watch the Oscars tonight and work on some new jewelry designs. Go Little Miss Sunshine! (okay, so it is the only movie that I have actually seen that is nominated....at least I have seen one!)
A very productive weekend, except my office is in utter ruins again. It is either super organized or super messy. Right now, super messy! Oh well, it will be super organized again! (I hope!)
Take care, my beauties!

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