Dream Pillows

Dear Belles,
I hope you all had lovely Valentine's Days! I got snowed in with my Valentine and got to watch movies and play games all day. It was lovely. Except the trapped feeling, of course!
So, I have been working on a couple of dream pillows. I am making a prototype to test out before actually making them to sell. This is one in process.... this one is will be a "Peaceful Slumber" mix.
The color is a lot more obnoxious in this photo than in real life.
Here is just the adoreable flower that goes in the middle:
I love the vintage-y fabric and I am excited about the fact that I may have peaceful slumber instead of constant insomnia. I will definitely let you know how it works out!
Since we are still snowed in (and iced in!) I will probably finish up this little pillow this evening and give it a try tonight. I am kind of excited! About the pillow...not the being snowed in!
The snowed in thing is likely to continue since my poor car completely stinks in the snow and at the moment is covered in a layer of snow-ice-sleet-snow-ice-sleet-ice. I can't even budge the stuff of the car. Luckily we did get my boyfriend's car out this morning and then my awesome friend and her Jeep got me home from work. Tomorrow will probably be the same and then I guess I will be hibernating over the weekend....
That's fine because I sort of want to get some stuff on eBay and more on Etsy. I will update you all when it comes together.
Take care and stay warm!

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