Did you ever....

Start a project....then halfway through you realize it is a much bigger project than you imagined and you wish you never even started it? ugh!
So, I am trying to get some filing done and throwing away of things I don't need, etc. It totally sucks! I have piles of paper everywhere. I keep everything, by the way. So, then I think I am ready to really get rid of stuff. I talked to my mom and she says I have to keep stuff for 7 years. That's no help, really. So, at this point instead of just chucking everything, I am organizing my files. I need a new filing cabinet, too. I plan on getting one, but currently my car is still snowed in and would take hours to get out, so I am waiting for my boyfriend to get home to take me to get one.
Small business can be fun and I love creating things, but you have to deal with all the paperwork and taxes and junk, too. That part is not fun. Thus, I have tons of papers that I would rather just throw away, but instead I have to organize and file.
Okay, I am just taking a break from paper hell. I hope to be creating some cool stuff this weekend sometime. Oh yeah, and I haven't done any schoolwork yet, either. Just made a big mess that I am now trying to clean back up.
I suppose I will be happy that I did it in the long run....

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