Adventures in knitting

A couple of weeks ago I taught myself...again...how to knit. My mom is a wonderful knitter and really fast. She taught me a while ago, but I forgot everything. Well, I came across my kneedles and yarn and decided to try again. When I finished my first dishcloth, I had mixed feelings. Yes, it was completely hideous (although I think the yarn is pretty), but I had actually finished a knitting project - for the first time ever!
Then I made this second discloth....it is kind of big (I actually didn't completely fit it on the scanner...LOL) but it is pretty much square, so it is an improvement.
I got CRAFTIVITY by Tsia Carson (founder of http://supernaturale.com) from my mom for Christmas and found this really great scarf pattern the "Method Scarf." I made one and love it! I have to take a picure of it yet. Actually, I have made 2 and I am pretty pleased.
I will post pictures at a later date. Plus my NYC trip pictures will be posted later, too!

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