10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere.  They are easy and convenient when you are on the go.

Unfortunately they are filling up our landfills and clogging the ocean.  Recycling is a little better, but it takes a lot of resources to recycle a plastic bottle.

The best option is to not use plastic bottles at all.  The 2nd best option is to REUSE plastic bottles.

Here are some ideas:

1.  Make a cool and funky mobile!

2.  Make a terrarium with a 2 liter plastic bottle. Tutorial for bottles with the base, and tutorial for bottles without

3.  Here's a whole list of crafty things to do with plastic bottles

4.  Give them to your local crafty or artsy person. Maybe even local elementary schools' art programs would like them.

5.  Here's another list of awesome crafty ways to reuse plastic bottles, such as the vase above! 

6.  Fill up a two liter bottle with water and put it in your tiolet tank.  (Flush it to empty it completely first.)  When your tank refills, you'll use less water because the bottle will take up some of the room.
It will also decrease your water bill while using less water.  Win, win.

7.  Cut the top off bottles to use as funnels.  Using different size soda and water bottles will give you different size funnels.

8.  Build a house!  Okay, probably not for everyone.  This professor in Serbia build this house from 13,500 bottles.

9.  Make a loom.

10.  Use them to plant an herb garden.
What do you do with your plastic bottles, or do you have any ideas now?

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