10 Ways to Reuse Magazines

In honor of Earth Day this Sunday, I'm sharing different ways to reuse some things we commonly throw out.  Today is magazines.

I want to once again say that the best thing for our earth is to actually not purchase magazines to begin with (I know sometimes you just need to hold something in your hands and read it, though.)  Reusing is preferable to recycling because recycling takes up significant resources and energy.  Why not reuse your magazines instead to make something functional or a cool gift.

Here are 10 ideas:

1.  Make a Magazine End Table.  (Apartmentterapy.com)

2.  Decoupage t-shirts, bags, sneakers! Decoupage Accessories

3.  Weave coasters our of magazines

4.  Make a magazine bowl  (I will definitely be trying this one out!)

5.  Gift bows

6.  Magazine paper can tutorial by Recyclers Anonymous

7.  3D Pop Up Flowers

8.  Magazine Gift Bags

9.  Make envelopes out of magazines

10.  Recycled Magazine Christmas Tree.  I have always thought these were so cool, but never made one!  By Just like Martha.

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