What to do with old clothing?

Various reports state that anywhere from 700,000 to millions of TONS of clothing end up in the landfill each year.  Reports state that up to 10% of landfills are clothes.

I cannot believe that!  I personally cannot remember ever throwing away a piece of clothing, even as a child.  There are so many ways to remove clothing from your closets without having to throw them away, I can’t believe that so much does end up in the landfill.

Here's what to do with your old unwanted clothing:

1.  Check with friends and see if they would like clothing you don’t want anymore.  You could even throw a Clothing-Swap-Party, where everyone brings the clothing they don’t want anymore and everyone trades clothes!

2.  Give them to charity.  You can take even old, worn out clothes to be donated because they will be made into rags or commercially recycled.  My local Goodwill raises money by selling damaged clothing to the commercial recycling market.  (Check with the charity first, I don’t know if all donation centers do this.)

3.  Cut them up and use them for rags for cleaning your home.  T-shirts are particularly great for dusting! 

4.  Make crafts out them!  Anything you can make using fabric, you can make using old clothes. 

I’ll be sharing a free tutorial later on this week that is just one of many projects you can  make with recycled clothing. 

Follow along this week and get tips on how to use your clothing for projects, a free projects and stay tuned next week for the launch of my latest tutorial, which make great use of recycled clothing.  Sign up for my tutorial newsletter to be the first to get in on the action!

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Unknown said...

Its better to give your unused clothes to those who need clothes. There are many peoples who dont have even clothes to cover their body.
Charity is the best option fr your unused or old clothes.
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