12 More Ways to Reuse Glass

1.  Candle holders:  Put Epsom salt in the bottom and place a candle on top to make Epsom Salt Snow Mason Jar Candles.  (Or use any jar or glass you have around.)
2.  Snowman altered bottles.  You can even take an online workshop to learn how to make these.
4.  Use as vases.
5.  Catch fireflies.
6.  Use empty wine bottles as candle holders for taper candles.
7.  Make a snow globe.
8.  Give gifts in them - chocolates, hot chocolate, little collections of crafty things for your crafty friends, homemade salsa.
9.  Fill them up with bath salts that you make yourself  .
10.  Ribbon dispenser. Just cut a slot in the top of the lid.
11.  Fill them with stones and sue them as bookends.

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Sarah C. Geraci said...

oooh. I like memorabelia specimen jars :)