Get Ready for Handmade Christmas!

I know it's difficult for everyone to hear this, but we're only a little over 3 months until Christmas.

Each year I tell myself that I won't wait until the last minute to start working on my handmade holiday gifts.  Each year, I fail.  I'm usually covered in thread and/or glue and pieces of fabric and paper when I finally crawl into bed early Christmas morning.

It's definitely all worth it when I get to give my family and friends gifts that I personally made for them.  And I'll admit it, I like to impress them, too.

I just made this form to help me plan for the holidays this year.  If you want one, it's free - just click on the add to cart button to get it:

Handmade Holidays Planning Chart

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I'm gonna get it together and get to making some awesome gifts while there is still plenty of time!

And there is still plenty of time at this point to get your holiday gift list together, find some great tutorials and make your gifts!  You still have time to learn a skill and impress your friends and family with beautifully handmade gifts!

You can find plenty of jewelry tutorials from me in my etsy shop (and soon to be available for immediate download, too.)  After your purchase from my etsy shop, you'll have the tutorial in your inbox within 24 hours (usually much faster!)  

You'll also find a super cute doll tutorial in my shop where you can learn to customize and make your own doll!  You can even make a zombie doll!

So, who's making holiday gifts this year?  Who has already gotten started?

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