10 Ways to Make Your Workday Greener

1.  Getting ready for work.  Use less water when you're getting ready.  Pretty obvious, but when you're half asleep sometimes being green isn't the first thing on your mind.  Take a quick shower, don't leave the water on while you are brushing your teeth, etc.

2.  Getting to work.  Car pool with a co-worker or with someone who lives near you and works in the same town with you.  Take the bus.  Or better yet, ride your bike.

3.  Plants at work.  Put some small indoor plants at your desk.  You can find plants that survive without direct sunlight with some research if you don't have a window.

4.  Lunch.  Utilize reusable cups/mugs for your coffee and water throughout the day.  Likewise, pack your lunch in reusable bags and containers rather than plastic bags or other disposable containers.

5.  Getting around in the office.  I work in a 3 story office building and I don't have any sort of disability, so it is unlikely that I would ever need to use our elevator, but I people do use the elevator all day long in our office.  Rethink whether you truly need to take the elevator before stepping on.

6.  Printing.  Offices use a lot of paper.  Before hitting "print" really consider if you need that email printed.  Try to save the energy and paper as much as possible.

7.  Recycling.  Often offices fail to have recycling centers, although it is turning around.  Make sure your office is recycling and offer to start a program if they don't.

8.  Computers.  Are you turning off your computer in the evening?  How about your printer and other energy sucking office equipment?

9.  Lights.  When you are done in a room, turn off the lights.  We have many conference rooms in our office, and people always forget to turn them off.  

10.  Paper.  Is your office using recycled or tree-free paper?  If not, you could suggest it to your manager.

Is your office green?  Let me know in the comments.

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