Online Order Deadlines for Christmas Arrival

As I write this, it is only the beginning of December.  But this month always goes so very quickly, I wanted to warn you of my shipping deadlines for online orders.

The very last day you can place an online order that I will guarantee (well, as much as you trust the post office) is December 17, 2012.  If you place an order after that, I cannot guarantee I will get it in the mail on time for Christmas delivery.

This is for most all United States deliveries.  If you are outside of the United States, we're past the deadline for Christmas delivery.  However, I truly believe I could get something to Canada on time yet.  Email me if you have questions.

If you place an order after December 17th, your order will still be processed up until December 21st at 5 pm EST and mailed shortly thereafter, but, again, I cannot guarantee Christmas delivery at that point.  I will not be processing orders from December 21st - December 25th.

If you are local to Lancaster, PA or can pick up an order there:   Place your order up until December 20th if you can pick it up at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER, 342 N. Queen St., Lancaster, PA.  Please let me know when you are checking out.  I will let you know when you can pick it up and refund your shipping charge as well.

NOTE:  I am not taking any new custom orders until sometime in February.  The delivery deadlines pertain to items I have in my online store already made.

Any questions, let me know.  I'm always willing to try to help you out of a desperate situation with express mail at your own cost.

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