The Perfect Gift

Choosing the perfect gift can be time-consuming and challenging. I know I worry: Will they like it? The holidays are so stressful: crowded stores, limited parking, selling out of what you wanted to purchase....

I know I out of that cycle. Thoughtful, well-made, meaningful gifts are what I want to give. Gifts I can be proud of giving. Gifts that make the recipient smile with delight. Gifts that are perfectly in alignment with the recipient's tastes and even their values.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a girl or a woman, jewelry will usually be a great choice.  And handcrafted jewelry almost always is on the top of any woman’s list.

  • My Artwork Pendant Subscription is a gift that keeps giving all year long.  Your recipient will remember you and the beautiful gift you purchased for her every month.  Each month is an opportunity to be in the forefront of her mind.  She’ll remember how generous you are and what a great gift giver you are.

  • Artwork Pendants are wonderful gifts for women who love art. Handmade jewelry + art = win win.

  • Artwork Pendants are perfect for woman who like to have options and decide how they want to wear their jewelry (and what woman doesn’t?)  Artwork Pendants and the chains and cords that go with them are interchangeable with each other and other chains, so she can pick and choose what she wants to wear.

  • Artwork Pendants are perfect for eco-friendly woman.  I use only previously used (but in excellent or like new condition) scrabble tiles to create each pendant.  She’ll be thrilled to wear something so kind to the planet.

  • Artwork Pendants are perfect for young women who are just starting out their jewelry collection.  Each month they’ll get a new pendant and cord.  That will build their collection quickly.

  • Artwork Pendants are perfect for women who like unique jewelry.  You know who I’m talking about.  She always has the most interesting necklaces or earrings that look nothing like what other woman wear.  She’ll love these, too.  She can wear more than one at a time (I reccomend up to 3 pendants at one time) and make a statement.

  • Artwork Pendants come in a cute bag made from renewable resources in the United States.  Ready for gift giving.

Want me to send the subscription directly to the gift recipient?  I would love to!  Just send me an email with what message you would like me to send.  Make sure I have the correct name and address of the recipient.  I’ll send a gift card to the recipient from you!

Ready to get started?  I have 2 options - monthly payments or save 10% by paying for the entire year up front.  Either way, you save the shipping costs.

December’s Artwork Pendant is Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh and you have to November 26, 2012 to purchase.  After that, this pendant will be discontinued.

For all the details and to order, click here.

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