Road Tripping

I love road trips!  I love the adventure, sometimes you don't know where you're going, even if you do know, you might get lost.  (My hubby hates GPSs.)  You never know what little gem of a town you're going to find or what interesting roadside wonder you might find.

On our way back from our honeymoon, we took Route 6 for a little while.  It's a great road with lots of small towns and nature.  I did a little research when we got back and it turns out you can travel across the United States on Route 6.

It's probably no surprise that I want to do that...."Do 6."

It's probably also no surprise that I have had a longtime goal to "get my kicks on Route 66", either.

Recently, I had a custom order for the Route 66 pendants, and it has inspired me to add them to my line.

Route 66 Black and White Glass Tile Pendant

Route 66 Color Glass Tile Pendant

Route 6 Color Glass Tile Pendant

Route 6 Black and White Glass Tile Pendant

So, whether you want to "Get your kicks on Route 66" or "Do 6," I have the pendant for you!  Want a different route?  Contact me and I'll make it for you!

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