Radiant Goddess - Meditation, Nutrition and Movement eCourse

I have been looking for a lifestyle change for quite a while.  I've tried different things that didn't work for me.  The problem, as I know (and as you know, I'm sure) is that diets don't actually work.  I try to make them work, but they just don't.   I may be fine for even a month (not usually, though) and then I freak out, purchase the closest pound bag of candy and eat it down at one time.

I have gotten myself to a point where I am completely accepting of my body and what I look like.  However, I do want to feel better.  I feel sluggish a lot of the time.  I want to feel more energized and RADIANT!

What I need is a lifestyle change.  A mental change - without the pound bag of candy melt-down.

I am a huge fan of Goddess Leonie.  I highly recommend taking any of her courses!!  I will be taking this course starting on May 1

You want to take it with me??

The Radiant Goddess eCourse

What Goddess Leonie writes about the course:  A 21-day nutrition, movement & meditation journey to revitalise your body, mind & soul! You’ll be guided by gorgeous menu plans, movement plans, spirit + inspiration projects, and meditations to guide you as you reawaken your Radiant Goddess self. This is perfect if you’re ready to be moving, meditating, eating & discovering in a joyful, spirited goddess way. Ready to feel blissed out, inspired & radiant?

Let me know if you are taking the course, we can check in with each other!

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