Map Week Day 1

Welcome to Map Week!

In this part of the world spring is just starting.  It will be officially spring tomorrow, but it has felt like spring for a little while.  What do I do in spring?  Go on road trips.  I think that's why I have maps on the mind!

Plus, I have a collection of old maps just waiting to be made into cool, functional stuff!

This week I'll be posting all about maps:  tutorials using maps and new products using maps.

 Craft  Along

I am so excited to be having a CRAFT ALONG this week as well!  Each day you'll find steps to make a TRAVEL PAPER BAG SCRAPBOOK!  Using - of course - maps!

Here's a list of everything you'll need to make your own Travel Paper Bag Scrapbook:
  • Paper bags (1 bag for each page you want.  It has to be an even number.  Mine will be 12 pages.)
  • Glue (I used Tacky glue and glue sticks)
  • Maps for the cover and for decoration inside
  • Other decorative papers
  • Binder clips or a big book (optional, to help hold the book together while it's drying.)
  • Ribbon or lace 
  • Cardboard for the cover (the cover of a notebook or back of a legal pad is perfect for this)
Each day, I'll give you a list of what you need for each step!

For day one, you just need the paper bags, glue and binder clips or a big book to help push the paper bags together while they're drying.

Wondering how to find wonderful old maps?  This post will help you get started.

I would love if you are going to craft along if you would leave a comment!  

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Day Two!

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