Paper Bag Scrapbook Business Plan

Creating a business plan in writing is always a goal of mine each year.  Some years I do accomplish it, save it on my computer and move on with my business.  Some years I don't even do it.  I know what my plan is, why write it down?

This year I am changing my business and really wanted to get things down in writing.  I did that, on my computer, like normal.  Here's the thing, though, I don't actually USE my business plan in that way.  I never see it again.

Then I got an inspiration.  I wish I could remember who gave me the idea, but it was on one of my favorite blogs, but I'm not sure which one (I tried to figure it out, but with no luck!)
 I transformed my business plan into a fun, crafty, interactive book!  I made a paper bag scrapbook and then added all my business info.  There's plenty of room for adding in the pockets.  I can change things, add things, remove things. 

And I love it.  I love having it out and adding more to it.

The other great thing about making my business plan scrapbook that I didn't realize is that while I was making the pages and adding information, I thought much more about my business and each response to each section.  It's one thing to type it out and save it on a printer or print it; it's a entirely different thing to physically write out information by hand and make special pages.

I used this Crafty U Tutorial to make my scrapbook.  I am planning on making more, for sure!  I used paper bags I had around left over from when I sold Avon, so my bags are white.  If you want to make a paper bag scrapbook for a business plan like I did, you can just do a search to find business plan samples to get started.  I have some blank pages/empty pockets to add to my book as needed.

What do you think?

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