Feel Great About Completing a Project.

Today started out really productive and positive.  I took photos for a new free tutorial for my tutorial newsletter subscribers.  In the process, I finished a super cute project.

After I finished the project and the photo, I felt tired and I decided to take a "quick" nap.  

It has been a long week.  I have been sick and haven't had a lot of sleep.  I feel asleep for a lot longer than I meant to.  When I woke up I felt icky and that I was wasting the day!

I felt bad.  Then I saw that cute little dotee doll, and felt a lot better.  Why?  Because I accomplished such an adorable project!  Plus, I have a great start on sharing the project with others so they can also bring cuteness into the world. 

Sometimes what you need is a completed project to see what you have actually accomplished.  The dotee doll did that for me.

I expect the dotee doll tutorial to be going out to my newsletter subscribers at the beginning of the week.  You can get on the list to get the tutorial by signing up for my Emerging Creatively Tutorial Newsletter.

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