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Quite frequently lately I have been noticing people telling me that they "wish" they were creative. I have been telling people they "are" creative. They don't believe me, though.

I feel that if you "wish" to be creative, GO FOR IT! You may just need some tools or a little instruction and the desire to make something! Don't be afraid of failing! You can just try again if it doesn't work out.

So, I have launched a line of eBooks to help people learn how to use their own creativity to make awesome stuff!

The eBooks are much more than just a tutorial or pattern of how to make a predetermined project. (Although, I am making those, too, if that is what you want to do!) The tutorials will contain lots of information on how to create your own unique project.

Your project won't likely be perfect at your first attempt. The beautiful thing is that you get to try again! The more you make the projects, I hope that you will eventually become very comfortable with making things and coming up with your own ideas.

The more comfortable you become, the more creative you will be!

What kind of tutorials are we talking about here? Well, you know I’m a jewelry designer, so you know there will be jewelry involved. But they’ll also be other tutorials I know you’ll enjoy that include making awesome artsy stuff out of regular old stuff. Like flowers that never die, or creating your own custom rag dolls. These are things you can whip up for presents, a project for a rainy day, fun you can have with your daughters, start a new business! The possibilities are endless!

I have written these tutorials for people who have 0 knowledge of how to do the projects included. If you never made jewelry before….it’s okay, I’ll teach you. You never thought about making flowers out of newspaper…that’s fine, I thought of it!! 

You’ll receive each tutorial via email with a secret link to the pdf for the projects I do throughout each month. (including blog tutorials that I personally write. Note, I do share other’s tutorials on my blog sometimes. These will not be included, but I’ll share a link to the tutorial so you can check it out.)

Each month you'll receive:

 * At least one instructional tutorial. For examples see my "Make Your Own Extraordinary Jewelry Out of Ordinary Objects" eBook http://www.etsy.com/listing/70427093/make-your-own-extraordinary-jewelry-from
or Design a Doll eBook http://www.etsy.com/listing/68063853/make-your-own-design-a-doll-rag-doll

They include tons of information on how to make the general craft and then how to expand upon the idea to customize your own projects. Sometimes they include tons of different projects.

* Usually will include another more simplified tutorial. (Sometimes these are really just mini tutorials that were actually a part of the big tutorial. If that is the case, I won’t send them separately. If it is a separate tutorial, you’ll get that in your inbox!)

* Any tutorials I do on my blog – right in your inbox!

My tutorials are different in that I give you A LOT of information on not only how to make a project, but also skills so that you can go on and be creative and come up with your OWN projects!

I sell my “instructional” eBooks for $15 each, and my smaller eBooks for $8 each. With this subscription, you get them all for the low price of $8.33 per month when you pay for the entire year at once! That’s almost ½ price just considering the $15 books – and you get lots of extras, too!

Plus, you'll get them right in your inbox as soon as they're released!

To sign up, it’s just $100!

And I’ll even include a bonus eBook of your choice that is already listed in my shop to get started while you wait for the next tutorial! (just check out my make it yourself section and choose any of the eBooks and I’ll sent it to you!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me before purchasing!

To purchase, click here.

For all of my tutorials, see my Make Your Own tutorials section.

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