Make Extraordinary Jewelry from Ordinary Objects

I'm so thrilled to offer my latest eBook tutorial:  "Make Extraordinary Jewelry from Ordinary Objects."

It contains several tutorials that utilize hardware to make amazing jewelry.  The tutorials include:  
  • My Simple Hardware Necklace and Bracelet, along with ideas for making it customized; 
  • Hardware Necklace and Bracelet with Beads; 
  • Washer Charm Necklace and Bracelet (along with ideas for more uniqueness); 
  • Hardware Earrings; and 
  • Hardware Earrings with Beads.
Additionally, I've included a section on how to find supplies and opening your mind to using ordinary objects to make jewelry.

This is a BEGINNER tutorial eBook.  I teach you how to properly open jump rings and beginner wire-wrapping as part of the projects.

The book is 45 pages and includes large full color photos showing you the techniques.  It comes in a 2.0MB PDF document.  

Interested in learning to make your own Extraordinary Jewelry from Ordinary Objects? 

Purchase the tutorial for just $15

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