6 Reasons I Make Hardware Jewelry

Why do I make hardware jewelry?
  1. I love the look.  It's hard, it's edgy, it's industrial.  It also can be really elegant looking and pretty.  
  2. When I first started making hardware jewelry years ago, it was because I had the supplies (the hardware) readily available.  
  3. Most people who have washers don't actually ever use them, and they usually have a bunch that are just sitting around doing nothing.  They might even want to get rid of them when they're cleaning out their garage or shed and we certainly don't want that to happen!
  4. I love the feel of the metal.  It's cool and smooth.  It feels like substantial jewelry.  It's not too heavy for earrings, though.
  5. You don't often see people wearing hardware for jewelry.  As in, very rarely if ever.  
  6. It's funky and fun!
If you are interested in my hardware jewelry, you can find it in my Etsy Shop and at my booth at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER in Lancaster, PA.

If you are interested in making your own hardware jewelry, I will be releasing an eBook soon with lots of projects you can do yourself!


Debbie said...

Finally got around to your site. I'm from the Art of Action course. Very cool work! I recycle my own artwork. After an installation I'll tear works apart, rearrange and make new things.

B.B. Bellezza said...

Hi Debbie!

That's great. I often do the same thing with my jewelry. I'll take it apart and remake it into something different!

Thanks for stopping by!