We are all creative

In light of my post from yesterday, I’m having a difficult time keeping myself from dragging myself through every detail of my life from High School to present, to see what happened, where I went wrong and why I’m a paralegal and not out there making a difference in peoples’ lives teaching them music.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure I do make a difference in those people’s lives that I do come in contact.  I think the area of law that I am involved in is probably the best chance for this for me, too.  I also am completely aware (even if attorneys don’t always think this way) that when people come to a law firm, it is almost always at a very difficult time in their life.  I have a chance to help them through that.

However, thinking back, I did think that I was going to make a difference in young people’s lives.  I thought I would be bringing to joy of music into their lives.

Well, I don’t play the saxophone anymore.  The clarinet has been passed on my step-daughter and there is no room for my piano in my new apartment.

But, what I can offer is the joy of creativity. 

I didn’t think I was “creative” growing up.  I wanted to be more artistic, wanted the ability to draw.  Now I realize that I am creative.  

Not only am I creative – you are, too.  

I’m a little sad when I hear people (especially young people) say that they aren’t creative.  Maybe everyone can’t draw like Picasso, but I do think that anyone who wants to can get enjoyment out of creating art in its many forms.  (Frankly, we already had a Picasso, we don't need another...)

I have been lost the last few months, wondering where my business was going to go.  Wandering; lost.  I need to bring the joy of creating to more people.

What form that will take, I haven’t decided yet.

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