Holiday Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to From Snowflakes to Hotcakes for winning the $35 Gift Certificate in the Holiday Giveaway.  Thanks to those who participated!  

For some reason, my comments went nuts on me and didn't post as you all were commenting (maybe somehow I changed the settings), but they are posted now.  There were a total of 12 entries (1 on facebook - I didn't want to leave anyone out), so I put the facebook comment as number 12 and used random.org to pick a number, which was 10.

In other news...

I am now moved into my new home and getting settled.  I moved to an adorable and fun town, Lititz, PA, which I am really loving so far!  I hope to investigate the cute shops in detail this weekend.  Next weekend is "Second Friday" in Lititz, which I've never attended, so I'm excited to check that out.

As soon as I get myself set up, there will be new items coming to my online shop and other stores.  It's going to be an adjustment since I'm used to having a large studio with lots of room to make a mess and come back to it later.  Our new place is much smaller and I don't have that sort of room.  I will get used to it, though.

Hopefully now that I'm settled I'll be posting more regularly here again. (maybe some photos of my new cute hometown!)

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