Old Clothes - Now Dolls!

Did you ever have a favorite shirt, pair of jeans, dress, that you just couldn't get rid of even though it didn't fit - had a stain - was damaged?  I have an entire garbage bag full of t-shirts and other such clothing that has sentimental value, even though I can't wear the items anymore.

I have a plan for all of these items:  cut them up and make a quilt.  I've had this plan for over 10 years.  I just realized how long it's been.  Maybe it's time to move on.

People often give me things they no longer want, but they don't know what to do with.  When I put it out there that I will take old jeans - I usually get a ton of old jeans.  (Thanks!!)

I have found a new use for these old items.  Rag dolls!  I have been on a roll lately sewing these lovely ladies up.  I adore their zombie like eyes.  I think they are especially creepy and cute lined up together.  I love that I'm putting some old clothes to new use.

These 3 are all made from the same pattern.  I designed them, then designed and made the pattern and then made the dolls.  I have other designs that I haven't yet made, so there's sure to be more rag dolls!

Custom Dolls

I can also make a doll with your favorite t-shirt, jeans, skirt, etc.!  Just contact me and we can figure it out!  What fun.

{Note:  Due to small parts, these dolls are not recommended for small children as they could cause a choking hazard!}

These three gals are available in my Etsy Shop and in my shop at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER (342 N. Queen St, Rear Warehouses, Lancaster, PA)

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WW said...

Those dolls are so cute. I should make one with an old comforter I have from when I was a kid.