Connor's Artwork

I had the great pleasure to meet the most lovely woman at Eastern Market a little while back.  She told me that friend's of hers had lost their young son, Connor.  He loved unicycles and he painted these awesome pictures of them.  Could I make pendants with his artwork?

Of course!

I'm honored to be able to preserve his artwork and give the people who loved him a way to keep him with them.  His artwork is stunning, as well.

I recently had the honor of making some of these pendants to be auctioned off for a scholarship fund in his name.

I'm also thrilled that the family has entrusted me to continue to make these so that they may be available on an ongoing basis to benefit his scholarship fund.

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PoetessWug said...

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!! WOW! How fabulous! I'm sure Connor would have been proud of all the good that came from his creativity. Just goes to show how wonderful things can happen when you don't just keep your gifts to yourself! :-)