What I'm Working On.....

I've had an interest in embroidery for a while.  I used to do counted cross stitch when I was younger.  I was usually frustrated by it and I'm not positive that I ever finished a piece.  

I think that perhaps I enjoyed using the thread and the motions of it, but not the strictness of it.

A couple years ago I came across a show (I cannot remember what it was!) where they were doing embroidery from their own drawings!  It intrigued me, but I also had it stuck in my head that I actually couldn't draw, so it wasn't for me.

But, for the last couple of months I have been making little illustrations and kind of liking them.  And now I've decided to put some on some denim cuffs!

I've also been enjoying hand-stitching different fabrics and textures onto cuff bracelets, which feels like a natural compliment to embroidery to me.

In my new fall line, you'll find a lot of new hand-stitched and embroidered denim cuff bracelets.  (Above is a photo of one that I made previously - photos for the new fall line aren't quite ready yet.)  All the materials used are upcycled from clothes and jeans that have been donated to me.  The clothes are too worn out to continue as actually clothes, but I can cut little pieces from them to make jewelry.

I can't wait to start sharing my new pieces with you!

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