Cemetery Upcycled Coasters

My boyfriend and I went through a "cemetery phase" in our travels a little while ago.  It seems like we were at interesting cemeteries every weekend.  I got really into taking photos at cemeteries.

I really love the way these black and white photos of this cemetery turned out, so I thought they would make cool coasters.  The coasters are made from upcycled ceramic tiles.

If you want to check out all of my photos (beware there are a lot), which I try to upload from all our trips, you can check out my flickr photostream.  I can make any of those photos into coasters if you like, or I can make your photos into a custom coaster set!

If you would like to purchase this set, contact me.  ($20 + shipping unless you're local and can pick up in Lancaster, PA.)  I'll have them with me this weekend at the HoPo Roadshow, unless they sell before then.

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