Music to Create By

This week on scoutie girl's "we scout wednesday," Tara asked us what music gets us going creatively.  Truth be told, I listen to very few albums in my studio.  I get stuck on something and usually stick with it.  I get more musically rounded in the car with my boyfriend's massive CD collection, but, in my studio, it's basically just a few CD's that I listen to over and over.

One album in constant rotation is Weezer's the Blue Album, with one of my all-time favorite songs:  "Say It Ain't So."  I never ever ever get sick of this song.

Another album in constant rotation is Vampire Weekend.  This is one of those albums that the more you listen to it, the more you love it.  At least that's what has happened with me.

Finally, my favorite band (okay, it is a close tie with The Beatles, but my favorite band that is still together, alive, etc.) is U2. I got the 18 Singles album recently, and every song is my favorite! 

My most favorite U2 song is "One", though. Probably my all-time favorite song altogether.

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