Your mom called, she wants this for Mother's Day

Okay, she doesn't want this particular pendant.  This is my adorable mom and dad.  

But think how much she'd love a Photo Pendant of you, her grandchildren or of the whole family for Mother's DayShe'll love it.  She'll start to tear up and she'll know how much you love her.

You can even give her a few different pendants:  one of you or you and your siblings (I gave my mom one that had a funny photo of my brother and I making faces, she loved it!), one of the grandchildren and one of her and her hubby, one of her favorite pet.  Or niece.  Or favorite vacation destination.  The possibilities are really endless.

For all this happiness, the price is only $15 per Photo Pendant.  Really!

And, it comes in the cute B.B. Bellezza gift box!

Are you thinking, yes!!  I want one?

All you have to do is this:
1.  Send me an email letting me know that you would like to order one.
2.  Have a digital photo(s) ready that you would like to have made into Photo Pendants.  Send them as an attachment to an email to me.  
Tips for photos:  Simpler is better, a close-up is better, and in the form of a .jpg is the best for me, but I can work with other forms, too.  (Note, I can do cropping if necessary when I get the photos)
3.  I will re-size your photo, have it printed and create your pendant(s) and send you a photo of the finished product
4.  You will get a paypal invoice in your email.  ($15 per pendant plus $3 for shipping)  
5.  Pay the invoice and I'll send your pendants.  (Note, you don't need a paypal account to pay through paypal, just a credit or debit card.)

If you live in the Lancaster, PA area, you can personally give me photos you would like me to use if you don't have digital files of the photo.  (Emailing digital files is preferable.)  Note, the pendants are 7/8" x 7/8".  I can also meet you to give you your pendant(s) and receive payment.

The quicker I get your order, the better, Mother's Day will be here before you know it!

Any questions, let me know! 

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