Plastic Bottle Week - Giveaway!

Plastic bottles are everywhere.  We buy these little convenient bottles of water, soda, etc. to take with us on our way during our day so often, we probably don't even give them much thought. Plastic bottles hold our shampoo, our lotions, our dish detergent and can basically be found throughout our daily life.  Think about how many different plastic bottles you use in a day.

This is why this week I am going to devote the whole week to plastic bottles - so we start to think about how they affect our planet and we can consider using less of them and reusing the bottles we do purchase.  I'll also be bringing you some fun projects to use our plastic bottles in fun and beautiful ways so they aren't clogging up our oceans and killing sea life.

To kick things off, I'm going to give away a pair of my Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Earrings.  These earrings were made from shampoo and soda bottles.

I hope that when you wear them and people ask you about them that you tell them they are made from materials that didn't wind up in the ocean or landfill.  (And even recycling takes up energy....these just took some of my time and carbon-free energy.  Also, a low percentage of bottles even actually are recycled.)

To enter to win these earrings, just leave a comment here with your thoughts on plastic bottles, let us know a creative use for plastic bottles or even leave a link to a tutorial or someone who is putting them to use in a unique way.

I'll pick a winner on Sunday afternoon around 2 p.m.  Good luck and check in each day this week for articles on plastic bottles, how they affect our planet (and especially the ocean), and creative ways to reuse them.


Ken said...

this is definitely something my wife and daughter would love. Especially because they are sustainable.

Alicia said...

Super cute earrings:)

I drink a lot of water so I always try to bring my water bottle so I don't buy plastic ones. Its a simple thing to do, but saves a lot of plastic bottle from the dump.

I also spotted this great blog post with some recycled bottle creations. I love the tea light holders. http://geek-ware.blogspot.com/2008/01/plastic-bottle-creations.html

Julie said...

What a great way to recycle those pesky plastic bottles and they look nice too.

peggy said...

great project! here's a link about making beads using plastic bottles http://zakkalife.blogspot.com/2009/01/craft-project-plastic-bottle-beads.html

Becky said...

These earrings are adorable. What a great idea. I went to a store in Southern Pines, North Carolina at Thanksgiving where they sold all sorts of recycled products. One thing they did with the bottles was turn them into icicles. They were decorating for Christmas. They had some other ideas I just can't remember and unfortunately their website is down. The store was called Green Goods.