Photographic Tour of the heART of Friendship Art Gallery, Ephrata, PA

The heART of Friendship is a program of the Friendship Community, which has a gallery in the adorable town of Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

The heART of Friendship is a therapeutic program enabling artists with disabilities to express their innermost thoughts and feelings, using the canvas to share dreams with others.
The heART of Friendship offers a diverse artistic experience by also including professional artist (including me!) who sell their artwork in the gallery and teach their craft in the studio.

This is a bit of a photographic tour of the heART of Friendship Art Gallery at 39 East Main Street, Ephrata, PA
This display includes B.B. Bellezza jewelry, including many one-of-a-kind pieces that you cannot get elsewhere.
I hope that you will stop in if you are local and support this wonderful program.  I am also proud to volunteer my time as part of being a professional artist involved, including recently teaching a class on making jewelry!


Renée T. Bouchard said...

What a great concept. Thanks for sharing- I didn't know this place existed.


B.Held said...

What an amazing place!