New Collaboration Art Pendants with Stephanie Corfee

You may have noticed in my Etsy Shop, Art Pendants that are a collaboration with my friend Stephanie Corfee. Now, we have even more!

I am a huge fan of her whimsical art. I have a print of hers hanging in my studio that gets me through every day, which tells me that "Today is the Day." (Also available as an Art Pendant.)

These are some of the newest, and there are more to come, too. (Watch my shop, or follow the B.B. Bellezza Facebook Fanpage to see the new designs when they are listed.)

Stephanie also has a great blog that I highly recommend that you all check out.


Alicia said...

OMG, I love this collaboration! I will be buying one soon. Great job both of you.

Julie said...

I love all of them especially the one with the feet.

Flor Larios Art said...

Gorgeous! I like them all :)

stephanie said...

hey kim!! thanks for the post!! it looks great! my BLOG is officially switched over to http://www.stephaniecorfee.com now though! my new site launched yesterday and i am so excited!!
woohoo! thanks so much for the beautiful work you are creating!