Inspiration from Nature

I think a lot of creative people say that they draw their inspiration from nature. But what does that mean specifically?

For me, it's a couple of things:

1. Most importantly, it means that I love our planet! I love the plants and trees. I like it the way it is or I don't want it to get even worse. I think we can clean it up, but I think we need to first do no additional harm to it. So, I am generally inspired to create things that cause no further harm to the earth. Additionally, I like to save ordinary things that are no longer useful to people to make them cool and pretty and useful again. (And to keep them out of the dump.) I like that when you wear pieces that someone made from recycled items, it can raise awareness to the possibilities of rethinking what we do with items. (Think about reusing before you chuck stuff!) It can start a conversation.

2. Colors of nature. Maybe this is what most people mean when saying they are inspired by nature. We cannot make anything more beautiful than what our earth already provides, in my opinion. The colors of each season are gorgeous.

Now, I am pretty open about my hatred of winter. This is mainly because I hate being cold and there isn't enough light in the day. I also love flowers and the growth of green. And it's either snowing (and I feel bound to the house) or it's dreary in winter.

However, this past weekend when my boyfriend and I were on one of our road trips it occurred to me that winter is beautiful, too, even without snow.

Did you ever notice how gorgeous the sky is in winter? And the bare trees are so pretty against the blue. I love brown and blue together.

I am going to try to really appreciate each season for what it offers and the beautiful colors it offers, instead of trying to just "get through" all my least favorite seasons (autumn and winter) to get to my favorites (spring and summer).


Christina Meade said...

I thought the natural beauty of winter came from snow covered trees and the glistening icicles.But I have come to realize the most spectacular sunsets appear in the winter. Kate called me to look at the "blue" snow that covered the ground the other day and it was a result of a gorgeous blue-green sunset in the sky. I love the ones of the most intense red, orange and smoky black streaks. Only mother nature can make those perfect colors.

B.B. Bellezza said...

Yes, I agree. I always thought that the beauty was in the snow, too, and always get really depressed in winter when there isn't snow. But the sky is spectacular in winter. I never realized until this year. Today was another beautiful day with gorgeous skies and I think I just need to appreciate the beauty in each day instead of wishing for Spring to hurry up and get here.