Beginnings of an Idea

I recently had an idea to make a Love Bird Doll. Of course, I was inspired by the upcoming Valentine's Day.

So I started by jotting down a sketch (above). I am not good at drawing, but I have been sketching out ideas lately for dolls and for jewelry.

After I sketched out an idea, I started making a pattern. I plan to upcycle old clothing to make this doll and I may make a couple, so I decided to make a pattern. (Old manila files work wonderfully for my purposes in making patterns.)

And finally, this is basically the final pattern cut out.

Now I just need to make the actual Upcycled Love Bird Dolls. (I hate cutting! That's why this is all the further I have gotten....)


Julie said...

Nice, cant' wait to see the finished product.

B.B. Bellezza said...

I can't wait, either! LOL I will share it when it's done.