Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

Breast Cancer is something that I think affects most (if not every) person. I have lost a very dear and special family friend to breast cancer. Another person very dear to me is fighting it. I worry about getting it and I worry about my girlfriends and female family members.

I had decided a little while ago to make a set of jewelry to raise awareness and donate the proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. If you are local, you have likely seen these pieces in my BUiLDiNG CHARACTER stand. Perhaps you even purchased a piece. If so, THANK YOU! For those of you not lucky enough to live in Lancaster, PA, I am now making these pieces available in my Etsy Shop.

Right now, you can find the earrings. Soon the necklace and bracelet will be added as well. These pieces are wonderful ways to show support and also make lovely gifts.

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Renée T. Bouchard said...

Very cool- and a great cause. I don't know many people who have not known someone with breast cancer, so it effects us all in some way. Thanks for making these.