Tuesday Tip for Greener Living

Keep your toes warmer this winter!
This is a really simple tip to save on your heating this winter (or for those of us who have really cold toes, this autumn!) Use a hot water bottle to warm up your sheets when you get into bed or even while you're cozy on the couch. They are safe - no electric to worry about.
When the bottle cools off, you can use the water for watering your plants!
I also really like handmade rice heating pads for this purpose. Once upon a time I made and sold them. I don't do that anymore, but I do have some of my own. If you can sew, they are simple to make. Just sew a little pillow the size that you would like out of fabric. You can deconstruct old worn out clothes or an old sheet if you like for this. Then fill up the pillow with rice and sew it shut. You can add some lavender for relaxing (or other herbs if you like.)

Then you just heat it up in the microwave, being careful not to overheat because you can burn yourself.

You can get fancy and sew sections in your pillow to control the placement of the rice better, but that is really optional.

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