West Reading Fall Festival Recap

These are photos from my stand partway through the show. It was very steady throughout the day, with a few busier times. It was actually difficult to get a shot without customers. (Definitely a really good problem to have!!)

Also partway through my one display fell over (before this photo was snapped). But, it didn't really damper my day or really cause any problems. I made that cute banner across the back. It's paper. I wanted it to be fabric, but I just ran out of time to cut out and sew it. I have wanted to have a sweet fabric banner since last year, and I still haven't accomplished it yet.

The show was fun and exhausting. There are so many things that I wasn't thrilled about, but instead I am going to focus on how lovely the people of West Reading are, and how cute this town is!

I have every intention on returning here in June for the Spring Festival.


Michelle said...

It was great meeting you finally! I love your work and I hope to see you at another show soon :)

Autumnforest said...

That looks fantastic! I know if I were there, I'd be wandering over and checking out everything--love the 1950s looking mannequin!

B.B. Bellezza said...

Michelle is was great to meet you in person finally! (And let me know if you know of any great shows coming up, especially in November...I could use a couple more!)

B.B. Bellezza said...

Thanks, Autumnforest! I love the mannequin, too, and she gets a lot of attention. At least 3 people took photos of her on Saturday. She looks a lot older than she is!