Thursday Green Artist of the Week: blah to TADA!

This week I found an awesome blog, blah to TADA, a crafty recycling blog!
Let me tell you, I immediately loved this blog. It is so adorable to look at, it is very clever, and Claire has fabulous ideas for taking "blah" everyday objects and making into "TADA" fabulous pieces!

Look what she has done with an empty 6-pack cardboard carrier!! Amazing!

These are just a couple of her ideas. And there are even more crafty recycling ideas on her blog!

I am so excited by the cuteness of these containers! I can't wait to make my own.

Please check out blah to TADA and get loads of adorable ideas for crafty recycling.

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Claire said...

Wow! Thank you for this lovely, "bellezza" post! I enjoy recycling and I'm so glad you like my little creations. Happy crafting & thanks again =) Love, claire