New Necklace

This unique necklace is made with circle and square washers, hanging on silver plated chains. I have my own version of this particular necklace, and I wear it all the time, it's very versatile. On this mannequin, it looks a little long. It actually is shorter on me and it looks very nice. It really should rest on your skin, I think.

This necklace (and earrings, below) are available at my booth at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER. I did originally make a set for the B.B. Bellezza Etsy Shop, but I decided to keep one set for myself, instead. For marketing and promotional purposes! :) I wear it everywhere and with everything!

I really like this style, though, with the various chains hanging, so I will probably make more necklaces similar to this one.

What do you think?

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