A Great Day....also Scrabble Games

games, originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

Saturday was our neighborhood yard sale, which I love. I just walk out the door and start shopping! Plus, we can easily get home to regroup. However, all morning I was looking for a Scrabble game and couldn't find one.

In the afternoon I stopped by my booth at Building Character to pick up a few things for the craft show I was (it was cancelled due to rain) doing on Sunday.

My booth neighbor, said, "good, you're here" and disappeared. When he returned, he brought me these games!! YAY! I felt like it was Christmas! (You did notice the Scrabble, right?!!) I love the community feeling at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER. Also, thank you to Kate (Shiny Tings) for thinking of me while helping a friend!!

Peter has antiques at Building Character, and he is right beside me. Make sure you check his booth, Mt. Pleasant Antiques, out! Kate metalcrafts....she has the most amazing mobiles and decor! Her new lamps are amazing!

This reminds me, if you have any Scrabble games that you no longer want, I will take them off your hands! I will make you a pendant, ring or earrings in return. (Or contact me for other options.)

I am also extremely interested in dominoes, Rumikub games, old keys, hardware such as washers and nuts, and interesting old magazines, dictionaries, patterns, hmmmm.... a lot of things. If you are getting rid of something like any of this, contact me before you throw it away!

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