Thursday Green Artist of the Week - Kerry of A Little Sparkle

Today I am very happy to feature Kerry of A Little Sparkle!

Kerry uses mostly vintage and recycled materials in her designs and is an excellent example of a "green" artist!

From her Etsy Shop: "You will find unique designs in jewelry and accessories. I use vintage beads, buttons, and fabrics in my designs. I like to combine vintage materials with new materials to create a fresh and modern design."

You can find A Little Sparkle at Building Character, 342 North Queen Street, Warehouse B, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The Interview:

How and when did you get started in your art?

I started this business almost three years ago. I actually started making and selling ribbon or button ornaments, because I couldn't find any really cool ones for my tree. I still sell these around the holidays but most of the things I make now are jewelry and accessories. As a kid I was always coloring or "making pasties" as my Mom would say. One of my sisters also shares this passion for creating with me.

What specifically do you do that is “green” in your business?

I try to recycle as much as I can. Old buttons, door parts, chandelier pieces can become functional as jewelry if they are arranged correctly. Most of my items had a former life as something else. I love reupholstering an older purse to create a totally new one with many more years added. My latest projects are cuff bracelets made from recycled cardboard, fabric, ribbon and buttons.

Why have you decided to use these green practices or make these products?

I think there is too much waste in our country. I find vintage supplies much more interesting than items that are mass produced.

Do you have one tip for people to incorporate being green into their everyday life?
My one tip would be to recycle the basics more. Paper, plastic, cardboard, glass.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I find inspiration in many places. Today I was walking around a flea market and found some vintage place mats. I am going to sew them together and make them into a spring scarf. I like shapes that are fluid and colors that make me feel happy. Sometimes I start playing with material and an idea will pop up.

The A Little Sparkle Workspace
(She says it's messy, but I think it just shows she's working hard!)

About to start a cuff bracelet:

(I must say that this looks very similar to my workspace!)

Please make sure to check out Kerry's Etsy Shop A Little Sparkle
in person at Building Character, open 7 days a week!

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Kerry Rohrbach said...

Thanks Kim! It turned out nice. My workspace is messy--did you see my table covered in buttons? That picture is too messy to share with anyone.